Delivery Service

Free for your every purchase. Deliver your mattress for a good night's sleep

Standard Delivery (Normal)

Shipping your mattress for a goodnight’s sleep

A wide variety of vehicles are available to deliver your item anywhere. FREE on all orders (Excluding 3 southern border provinces)

Your item will be arriving on the next working day, within 15.00 hrs.* (Monday-Friday) for the Bangkok area. (3-5 working days for the other areas)

To be able to complete the fast delivery service, all information has to be accurate.

Please kindly provide the details about the height of your house, room or the building, including sizes of the stair, hallway, gate and lift in order to subsequently plan and properly prepare for the delivery.

Please note:

  • *Some items may not be available for next-day delivery.
  • We deliver between the hours of 10.00 to 15.00 (Monday-Friday)
  • The orders after 15.00 hrs. on Friday, Saturday & Sunday will be delivered from next Tuesday onwards.
  • In the case of delivery and installation for high-rise residential buildings with narrow stair, hallway, gate and lift or no lift, additional fee may be incurred.
  • If you require any further information or assistant, please contact us at / +66-02-987-8000 Ext 212-215